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10 things you should really ask a University

March 13, 2020BY Abhis ( 0 ) Comment


Moving abroad is the biggest decision of your life. Such a decision should definitely yield you a positive result. Otherwise, the time and money spent on it will go mere waste. To make your decision perfect ask few questions to your university and if you are not aware of what to be asked, let me explain it to you.

The simplest way to get rid of all your doubts is by contacting the institution by contacting them through their website. This is the easiest way to reach them. You can gather all the required information about the institution.

What to ask?

Though you found the way to contact them, without knowing what to ask you won’t be able to gather information. The major question will be about the scholarship. This will be the question raised by thousands of students applying for the institution. Make your question a unique one so that the reader is forced to answer you without any fail.

Moreover, there will be loads of questions you will be asking regarding the institution. Never get confused with your questions. Frame the question in such a way that the reader can provide you a crystal clear reply for it.

Let me share what you should ask and how to ask.

Regarding accommodation:

It is most obvious that you should have a clear idea about where you are going to live. You can ask the institution about the accommodation facility they provide for international students. Whether it is on-campus or off-campus, the cost to be spent on it, etc. if the institution does not provide on-campus accommodation will assist you to find a place off-campus and the cost involved for that.

Details on students joining the institution:

It is always important to ask the whereabouts of students applying for the institution. Students of which country are frequent to the institution. This will help you to know how many will be coming from your home country which will make you a little comfortable. And also gather information on specific clubs formed for international students where you can find friends.

Teaching method followed by the institution:

Getting clear information on the teaching method adopted by the institution will help you understand the standard of the institution. Check for the type of classes followed in the institution.

Specification on course:

Also gather information on the course curriculum followed by the university. This course curriculum will help you to understand whether they are following the updated version.

Details on alumni:

Also, check for some famous personality from the institution. Details on alumni will help you understand where you can work after completion of the course, the value of the course you have chosen and what it will yield for you. You can understand both flaws and strengths of the course by following the alumni.

Details on post-graduation:

Also gather information on higher studies i.e., post-graduation. Do they have a post-graduation program for the course you have chosen? What you can do after your course in the same institution? These questions can help you decide on your higher studies.

Make sure you don’t miss the deadline:

Please make sure the deadline for the submission of the application. Check whether the institution follows different deadlines for students from different countries to avoid confusion. Also, ask for the additional documents to be submitted along with the application form.

Know more about the place:

Ask for the advantages of being in that place. Check for a public transportation facilities. Check whether you can meet all your basic needs easily being in that place.

Get information on placement programs available in the institution:

Knowing about the placement programs in the institution will increase your confidence in choosing it. Know about the organization, industries, etc that have to tie up with the particular institution and how many of the alumni got placed in those organizations. Also, collect feedback on placement programs from the alumni whom you can contact.

Though the chance of contacting the institution is easier for the students it is always better to get guidance from the best study overseas consultant before getting into the process. You can always rely on them for the latest information on the institution and the process involved in getting into it.



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