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How to apply for a student visa? – Most important tips to be followed

March 19, 2020BY Abhis ( 0 ) Comment

How to apply for a student visa? – Most important tips to be followed

Study abroad, a life-changing moment, is a dream for everyone. Recent days have witnessed a drastic increase in the number that dreams to move abroad for higher studies. They work hard to complete all the processes involved in the journey. But still many fail to reach their goal just for simple reasons. When our team from checked on it, we found the major reasons for missing the opportunity is failing to get a student visa. Abhis educampus – Study overseas education consultants assist students to gain admissions in overseas.

What is the problem involved in getting a student visa?  Where do many miss to get it? Is it the problem with the candidate in choosing the right study overseas consultant to help them?

Let us have a detailed explanation on how to get a student visa and the step by step process involved in it.

The very first step is to understand the requirement.


Before getting into the process make sure you are clear with the requirements. Whatever be the country you choose to study you should provide your financial status, English language proficiency and academic requirements demanded by the university.

Your financial status should show that you are capable enough to afford your stay in the country you choose.

English language proficiency test is to check whether you can understand the language.

Your academic requirement is to prove your eligibility to enter the course you have opted.

Make sure you are eligible for the course applied:

Before choosing a course to cross-check you can fulfill the demands stated by the university. All the certificates stated by the university should be submitted without fail. Whether it may be graduation or post-graduation or a one-year diploma it is mandatory to provide all the documents.

 Gather knowledge on the application process:

The requirements differ from university to university. Few universities prefer candidates from qualified agents. It is better to have knowledge about whom to contact before applying for a university abroad.

Receive CoE before applying for a student visa

CoE: Confirmation of Enrolment should be received from the institution before applying for your student visa. It is mandatory while applying for a student visa. Make sure you have all the mandatory documents before applying for a Visa.

Health checkup is important:

It is also important to have a complete health examination before applying for a student visa. Make it as early as possible to avoid last-minute hurry. Collecting the documents at the earliest will help you get your visa at the earliest.

Health Insurance

When we talk about health it is very important to have a health insurance. It is mandatory to hold a health insurance from the country you have chosen to study. The institution you have chosen will help you getting the health insurance. This insurance should cover the period you stay in that particular country.

Keep all the required documents ready

Always make a list of documents required for applying for a student visa. Keep checking the list then and there to make sure you have everything in hand. Keep your file stocked with all the required documents.

Revise the application

Revision is the word that is heard often during our exams. We are advised to revise the portion, revise the paper after completion of the exam, etc. This revision is very important in this process too. You have to revise the application form after filling it. Don’t get rejected just for simple reasons. Keep revising and make sure you have provided all the information asked in the application form.

Interview preparation:

The final step is the interview. Let me share with you few tips to face the interview and make it successful.

  • Know your application in detail. Prepare yourself to answer the question related to your application. Never say I don’t know when you get a question on your application.
  • Next comes SOP i.e., Statement of purpose. Be clear with your statement of purpose. Chances are high for you to get a question from your SOP.
  • Do a complete research on the question you may get. You may get questions related to the course you have chosen, how you are gonna afford your stay in foreign countries, how you will manage cultural differences etc.
  • Moreover, be confident while facing an interview. Never let your confidence go down during your interview process.  Your attitude will be closely watched by immigration officials. So be confident to win the race.

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Abhis educampus – Study overseas education consultants assist students to gain admissions in overseas.

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