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The Great Dilemma

July 6, 2021BY Abhis ( 0 ) Comment

Should I or Should I not postpone my foreign study plans due to the ongoing pandemic?
Will I feel safe in the host country during these uncertain times?
Will my academic journey be abruptly disturbed because of emergence of a new wave?
Will my investment on foreign education will be affected?

This pandemic is a once in a century health crisis. Humanitarian health disaster of such scale has been noticed a century ago i.e., the 1918 ‘Spanish Flu’. The best proverb that will offer some kind of solace to us at this juncture would be ” Time and Tide waits for none”. As the pandemic recedes, a large majority of international student community especially from India and China are very much optimistic about their academic journey taking shape and likewise the education institutions are also keen to welcome them by providing the necessary safety arrangements.

2020 was extremely clueless and unpredictable even for the well learned community around the world. But that is not the case for 2021 as many scientists and health experts along with major pharmaceutical firms have instilled a great sense of confidence among the general mass regarding the handling of pandemic. Through fast paced vaccination drives by various governments and increasing Covid19 appropriate behavior by public has made 2021 not as worse as 2020. This has generated sufficient confidence among both institutions and general public across the world to get back to their respective business with necessary precautions as early as possible.

Unlike others many western nations through their mass procurement and inoculation strategy have successfully managed to vaccinate a huge percentage of its population at very short interval of time. This has relieved the public from adhering to rigid anti-covid restrictions like fully vaccinated adults can avoid usage of face masks at public spaces. Therefore, such group of developed nations has successfully developed the capability to handle any emergence of any new wave.

Many universities are already equipped with the state-of-the-art online communication channels which can be employed in place of offline classroom sessions in case of any abrupt disturbance caused due to emergence of any new waves or variants. Therefore, the chances of having any permanent break in the course schedule is very bleak.

As a concerned organization that cares about both health and academics of an aspirant, we strongly urge the students to not to miss any more precious academic year and start pursuing their ambitions with courage.


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