Scholarship Guidance

Scholarship Guidance If the prospect of studying abroad has you excited but concerns about the associated costs are holding you back, here’s some uplifting news! You’ll be delighted to discover that there exists a multitude of scholarships tailored for those seeking international study opportunities. These scholarships can significantly alleviate the financial burden that often accompanies …

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Pre-Departure Prior to landing in the new country of your choice appropriate input is provided to help you migrate, travel & settle abroad. The Pre-depature seminar provides an insight to the various facets of the student life that the students are to witness on a foreign land. The Pre- Departures hosted by “Abhis Overseas” for …

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Forex Assistance

Forex Assistance Leveraging our strong partnerships with esteemed Forex dealers, we are dedicated to securing the best possible exchange rates and swift services for our valued students. Our comprehensive support encompasses a range of essential services, including issuing Demand Drafts, facilitating Traveler’s Cheques, providing International Debit Cards, executing seamless Wire Transfers, and supplying necessary Currency …

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Travel Assistance

Travel Assistance While traveling abroad it is important to be prepared. It is essential to book well in advance and identify the most cost effective route. We at Abhis Overseas understand the hesitation of students who need to travel abroad alone. To help parents and the students, we not only assist students with admissions for …

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Visa Process

Visa Process Streamlining your visa journey is our forte. From meticulously completing applications to organizing financial statements, our comprehensive support encompasses it all. We provide invaluable guidance and conduct mock interviews to ensure you’re well-prepared. With a success rate exceeding 99%, our expertise is fortified by constant updates from consulates regarding the latest documentation and …

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Loan Assistance

Loan Assistance Navigating educational loans becomes effortless with our comprehensive support. We offer thorough guidance and swift assistance, ensuring a seamless process. Our network includes esteemed Nationalized Banks providing loans at favorable rates, alongside partnerships with reputable Private Banks and Financial Institutions. Our assistance spans the entire spectrum, from aiding in application submission to organizing …

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Admission Process

Admission Process Your application is our priority, and we meticulously enhance its key elements for a polished, flawless presentation. We provide specialized aid in crafting References and the pivotal Statement of Purpose. Our evaluation of your English proficiency often holds weight with University admission panels. With “Abhis Overseas” at your side, we actively pursue and …

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University Selection

University Selection One of the vital steps that involve your future prospects is selection of a university. There are numerous universities across the globe, which offer admissions to students, but one needs to carefully inspect various aspects before finally deciding to apply. As the university is the place, where the student is going to invest …

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Career Counselling

Career Counselling When you are planning your education pathway it can be very stressful, time-consuming and utterly confusing. This looks even more difficult when you are considering international education. You might even ask yourself a few questions while considering your studies, such as; is studying abroad really helpful? Where can I study? What are all …

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